Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lab Day 1

Day one at St. Marys was definitely an experience. The kids were really wound up when we got there and really wanted to play. The group that i dealt with most was the 2nd grade age group. We started off with some tag games to get the kids to start moving around. At first everyone was involved but after sometime a few of the students got bored with the activities we were doing and then sat out. Next we went down to the cafeteria for their snack. During snack time i play scrabble with Colin and Autumn. The kids just wanted to spell words so i would help them find the letters in the box so they could spell. After a while autumn got sick of scrabble and wanted to play something else. We then went and play go fish with another student named Luke. We played one or two hands and then time was up and we went back upstairs. Once upstairs it was almost a free for all. The students all went off and played whatever they felt like with some of the Cortland students. I played Pacman tag with Luke. The idea of the game was to stay on the lines of the basketball court and not get tagged by the Pacman, or tagger. I found it pretty funny because the kids would hop off the line if they were about to be tagged. Overall today's lab definitely helped me prepare for what i will be facing every lab class.

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