Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Should Dodgeball Be Taught In P.E.

Dodgeball is a sport that is widely known by students across the country. It has become a very controversial activity due to many of the negative affects of the sport. Dodgeball is an elimination game in which humans are the targets. When one is hit, they are out for the game. The issue with this is the fact that in a physical education class all students should be involved in order to be active. This elimination in the game causes students from participating if they are hit and become out. Another problem with dodgeball is that in some cases the "weaker" students may be picked on by the more "skilled" students. This is a problem because the students that require the most work are most likely out of the game first. By being out of the game first these students may get feelings of not being as capable as the other students which might lead to them not wanting to participate in the activity again. Although there some negatives to dodgeball there are also positives as well. Dodgeball is an activity which forces students to be active by using their balance, flexibility, spacial awareness, and throwing abilities. To avoid the negatives of dodgeball, one can create an alternative or variation to the game. One variation could be using targets set up between two teams on opposite sides of the gym. The object of the game is to be the team who hits the most targets. This variation can be used for younger ages so that everyone can be involved while working on the some of the same skills that are used in actual dodgeball. As the students grow older and become more mature they may be able to handle using human targets. In order to involve everyone the game must be adjusted in order to increase the participation. Dodgeball can be used in the classroom as long as changes are made from the stereotypical game to get rid of the negatives consequences.

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