Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lab 2!

February 25, 2009 we did our animal lab. The kids were very excited to when they saw a few of our college kids we're farm attire. We started the lab off with the barn yard chase. The students didn't quite follow the directions for this game because they were all to concerned with trying to grab the little pictures of the animals. When the kids had to go around the outside of the parachute they had to use the locomotor skills of running and galloping. This allowed everyone to grade Mike and Casey's development. The next game we did for the students was Zany Zoo. The kids really enjoyed this one because they were able to act like animals and move around just like the animal card they picked. I really enjoyed when a student got the shark card because every student that picked needed help on how a shark got around. Colin had the biggest smile on his face when he became the shark and pretended to swim around. Next activity we did was the Stinky Stew. The kids also enjoyed this activity.

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