Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lab 6!

April 8th, 2009 was our Easter lab. Since we did not rate any of the students child development my group went right into pre K. The teacher took the kids on a short walk and we hid eggs full of candy so the kids could have an Easter egg hunt. When the kids came back they were all allowed to take two eggs. They all loved this activity and were so excited to find the eggs. They kept telling us that we weren't the Easter bunny which started to make me laugh. After a little time we switched pre-k rooms where I made necklaces. When we went in the gym we did a Easter obstacle course. I told the kids that they had to follow the Easter bunny to his house. The kids were very excited and some of the first grade kids came over to do the obstacle course as well. For the last obstacle we put an Easter door mat on top of a pannel mat in which they had to jump on. Every student seemed to be so excited to jump on the door mat. This made me realize how important the little props can be. Overall i had a great experience at St. Marys for the six labs I was there.

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