Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lab 3

March 4th, 2009 we had our superhero lab. When the first group told the kids that were going to pretend to be superheroes a few of the kids said "but we were just superheroes yesterday!" The kids just had lab on Monday with the other group and weren't excited to be superheroes again. Fortunately, we finally got the students attention and they enjoyed being superheroes. In the one game they had to save batman because he was trapped. They were all so excited when they set him free. My group did our activity down stairs in the cafeteria. We played a sharks and minors type game but called it superheroes and villains. The villains had to steal the superheroes "cape," which were actually little handkerchiefs that we had the superheroes put in their pockets. After the game was finished Luke and Colin turned our game into a one on one villain vs. superhero match. Overall I think superheroes are good game ideas because the kids seemed to love pretending to be superheroes.

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